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The firm’s clientele comprises of industrial giants, companies that are members of international financial groups, state and financial institutions, as well as smaller corporate entities conducting business in Slovakia (link to references). Clients are provided with comprehensive services from standard to complicated transactions of international nature.

Firm provides complex service in the area of commercial law, civil law and related legal disciplines especially bankruptcy law and tax law. Founder of the firm, Róbert Kováč, attorney at law, created a system of cooperating associates dealing with other relating areas of law that require higher qualification in respective areas (e.g. auditors, tax consultants, financial and banking consultants), which enables to provide the quality within the whole range of legal services provided.

To this day the law firm consists of 6 attorneys, which allows for formation of dedicated work groups for the purposes of solving particular cases as well as for providing legal counsel with long term projects or general contract representation of a client and its operation.

In order to improve providing of legal services the law firm ensures systematic professional growth of its employees and associates by lifelong learning (post gradual studies at home or abroad, participation in specialized workshops and seminars) and internal trainings on current development and exercising of laws and regulations in force. Thanks to versatility of our associates feel free to address us in English, German, Hungarian and Russian language.